Isaiah 55, Psalm 63 and thoughts on Numbers (the digits, not the Bible book)

This week, liturgy resources based on Isa 55 and Psalm 63, and a somewhat longer than usual reflection. Probably best to get a cup of tea and a biccy before you start. (The TL;DR version – every time I think I know, I find there’s a whole lot more to know. It applies to God … More Isaiah 55, Psalm 63 and thoughts on Numbers (the digits, not the Bible book)

Lent 2

Sorry that I’m a bit late posting. There has been a lot of extra writing to cram in this last week. Readers in Canada, the US, Mid and South America will see this a day later than normal, but still in good time for your Sunday services, I hope. As usual, you can find liturgy … More Lent 2

Liturgy Resources and Lent Devotionals

Liturgy Resources See below for Confession and Absolution, Blessing and Dismissal based on Psalm 37:1-11, 39-40, Luke 6:27-38, 1 Corinthians 15:35-38, 42-50 Lent devotionals – part 2 I asked the lovely folks of the Association of Christian writers (ACW) for their Lent reading recommendations. Pop along to my author site ( to see their suggestions. … More Liturgy Resources and Lent Devotionals

The Joy of Exploring- Look, See, Pray

The adult in me immediately worries about losing the littl’un, her having an accident, maybe a rampaging fire-breathing dragon leaping from behind the beech trees, or simply risking sensitising Mary-Jane to pollen and a lifetime of hayfever. I’m a RESPONSIBLE person (who worries too much). My inner child-self says “Go for it, kid! Run, explore, discover bees and bluebells, birdsong and trees to play in!” … More The Joy of Exploring- Look, See, Pray