Persistence is a virtue- Look, See, Pray

These seagulls taught me a lesson about persistence. The tide was ebbing on a cold morning, and these gulls decided it would be more comfortable out of the water. Gull One was fine. His (or her) breakwater post was above the surface. Gull Two had a struggle. Every time it sat on its chosen perch, the gentle swell came in just high enough to float the gull off again. … More Persistence is a virtue- Look, See, Pray

Romans 5:1-11

Why do we confess our sins anyway? Particularly if, like those nuns, your sins are on the level of “I ate the extra sprout at dinner and didn’t tell Sister Delores, even though I know she really wanted it.” Does it really matter? … More Romans 5:1-11

Romans 5:12-21

It’s that unpopular little word with I in the middle – sin.
Today is the first Sunday of Lent, so this is a good time to be thinking about sin. The Bible has some helpful illustrations. It is missing the target, overstepping the boundary, falling short. But there are plenty of misconceptions about sin as well. Our passage today contains a very important text, verse 12, which has shaped the way that many of us think about ourselves and sin … More Romans 5:12-21