Lent Devotions – new book preview!

cover 11x8 5 pale sky jI know, I know, the Christmas decorations are barely packed away. But Lent is looming, and I thought you might like a free taster of this year’s devotional for individuals and groups.

Here is the (probably final) cover. Many thanks to all those who have commented on the drafts.

Called ‘Broken Bits & Weirdness (but God still loves us)‘, this is a selection of intergenerational pick-and-mix resources that can be used during Lent and Holy Week or at any time.  Perfect for churches, families, youth groups, Bible studies and personal devotions.

Each chapter focusses on one of the flawed characters from the Bible (there are plenty to choose from!) and explores how, despite all our Broken Bits & Weirdness, God can work through us and, astoundingly, loves us anyway.

Each chapter has a reading, a traditional Bible Study, space for reflection and wondering, a prayer response with finger labyrinth and varied suggestions for more active reflections including crafts, outdoor activities and cooking. There is also a meditation colouring page for each chapter.

There’s plenty for all ages and all styles, whether you are a hectic parent, a questioning teen or a laid-back retiree (or any combination of the above!)

The pages are large format, and the text is clear and easy-to-read. Here’s a preview of the layout.

preview chapter

You can choose a different section for each day of the week (for personal devotions, for example), or you can use just some of the sections for weekly groups. You can select whichever sections suit your circumstances.

Three of the studies are suitable for Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but the others can be done in any order and at any time, making this a very flexible resource.

It will be available in paperback (with black and white images) and in Kindle (with coloured images) from the end of January.

The final edits are in progress, but I’ll post a free downloadable sample chapter next week. If you are considering getting this for your church or group and want to see a sample early, email me (fay@fayrowland.co.uk) for a sneaky-peeky.


5 thoughts on “Lent Devotions – new book preview!

  1. would love a look at the chapter, but can’t find an email address to ask, could you send through please. Many thanks


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