Advent Devotions – Book Giveaway!

Walking to Bethlehem cover

Asda has been selling mince pies for weeks, my local garden centre is awash with santas and reindeer, and it’s only a matter of time before every lift plays Jingle Bells. Christmas is upon us!

But before we dive headlong into the melee of merriments, the fracas of festivities, the plethora of parties, do you fancy walking down the slow road to Bethlehem?

Would you like an Advent calendar filled with more than chocolate?

best seller #1My new book of Advent devotions, Walking to Bethlehem, (which hit #1 on an Amazon best-seller list – arghhh!) is great for taking a step back from the flurry and looking at the familiar through fresh eyes. It’s a slim volume, less than 100 pages, so it’s not another ‘thing I have to do’. This is about creating space, not burdens.

There’s a daily (very) short reading, an imaginative devotion (also short) and suggestions for how to let it all sink in – you could listen to the suggested music, add a character to your Stable Scene, or follow Mary and Joseph along an actual road.

sample page


Slowing Down

Each day also has a relaxing large-format colouring page – perfect for some quiet time, and I don’t just mean for the kids. We grown-ups can get too caught up in the ‘doing’ of Advent, so much that we miss the ‘being’, and I’m very much talking to myself here!

“But I’m not artistic!” Neither am I. This is between you and God, not an art critic. Grab your watercolours or pencils, and let your mind relax while your hands are busy.

lab spirals numbers

Another great way to experience the journey is with a labyrinth. There are several printable labyrinths that you can use to track the slow journey. If you’ve never used one before, now’s a great time to try this ancient practice of mindfulness, with beautiful original artwork.

The book is aimed at adults and families, from tots to wrinklies, and everyone in between, with creative ways to put yourself right in the action of the most famous birthday in the world.

For less than the price of a coffee and a cake, you could build some family traditions, and arrive at Christmas with your head full of more than just sprouts and cream.

Join the journey to Bethlehem, and meet the child who changes everything.

Free Book!

I’m celebrating the launch of this book with a giveaway! Ta-da! Simply spread the good news by sharing this email or post then let me know, and I will enter your name in a draw to get a free signed copy.

If you are one of the lovelies who has already bought it, fear not, you can have another copy to give away or a copy of one of my other books. Need drama for your Christmas Services? Look no further than my two books of sketches, A Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama and A(nother) Bucketful …, plenty for Christmas and throughout the year.

You can comment at the bottom of this blogpost at or message The Reflectionary on facebook to enter. Closing date is Nov 10th.

Reviewers say …

“In the style of C. S. Lewis and Max Lucardo, this devotional and practical Advent Calendar will help you ponder the promise and ask the questions. Fun, festive and frank, this is a journey you are invited along.”

“Travel from BC to AD with seeing, hearing and doing to focus your mind on the road to Bethlehem. Fun and devotional, practical and creative.”

“In a light-hearted way, Fay brings the emotions and feelings of the characters in the bible stories to life. In the ‘To Think About’ sections, she helps us to imagine what was going on through modern eyes.”

“Take a turn off from the Motorway Madness that is the rush to Christmas.”

“You have made the trek before, but not in this way. Travel at your own pace, ponder, reflect and create, as you rediscover the walk to Bethlehem.”

“This book will help you to think about familiar stories differently and put some well-known Christmas music into context.”

Available now in large-format paperback from Amazon UK (£4.99)and Amazon US ($6.99).

21 thoughts on “Advent Devotions – Book Giveaway!

  1. Shared on FB too, have already ordered my copy from Amazon but would be equally delighted to keep a signed copy and give mine away! (Have already got both your books – thank you so much) 😊

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  2. Wow! Congrats to your mother-in-law for her amazing age!
    However, although the book is large-format, it is not large-print, (unless you have access to special printing) There’s a preview page in this post that should give you an idea. xx


  3. Hi Fay. Thank you for your posts which I love reading. Your new book sounds very interesting and I would love a copy. I have posted a link to your website on our church Facebook page (Christ Chruch & St John’s, Radlett). Regards,

    Eileen Bigg (07816 862774)

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