Give-Away and Book Offer!

Image result for sebastian little mermaid jaw dropThis was me one year ago when I saw this:

amazon bestseller words

Yes, this was the launch of The Reflectionary’s first book A Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama. It flew to Number One Bestseller in several categories and topped Amazon’s Hot New Releases list. Still rather gob-smacked by that.

I’d like to thank all you lovely folks in the UK and abroad who have been buying it for the past year. I hope you have all found it a great blessing and helpful in your ministry. And for those who have not yet bought it … stand by for two, yes two special offers: a give-away and a discount. (If you already own a copy, why not get another for a gift, eh? Hint, hint.)

But first … come closer … closer … closer. I have a secret to tell you. (looks round furtively to make sure no-one is listening) You may have heard some rumours … (leans in, conspiratorially) … and the rumours are true!

… shhhh … (final check that we’re alone) … Christmas is coming!

Image result for christmas nativity play

Oh yes. Three months today it’ll be Christmas Eve. Already there are mince pies in the shops (I’m not naming any names, but I’m looking at you, Asda).

To celebrate the season of glitter, tea towels and wondering what we can do for Nativity / Carol Service / School Play / Christmas Assembly / All-Age Worship / Messy Church that we have not done a dozen times before, I happily announce a give-away!

bucket drama cover final

As an early Christmas present, I am going to give away a signed copy of the book, which features the Christmas scripts ‘Bold, Frankenstein and Mmmm-err’ and ‘NaTVT 4 U, The Christmas story in TXTSPK’ as well as loads more for Harvest, Easter and any time of year.

If you’d like to be in with a chance, then ‘Like’ The Reflectionary’s facebook page or sign up on the website (if you have not already done so) and comment below with how you’d use this book. On 27th Sept I will have my dragon randomly choose the lucky recipient.

Alternatively, if you want to be sure of getting a copy, panic not! Both print and Kindle versions are currently on offer on Amazon. So you can get your mitts on them pronto, and save yourself some pennies. That’s Christmas sorted, then!

While this isn’t one of those ‘share to win’ things, I’d be most grateful if you would share this post and any others, because there are loads of brilliant free resources on the Reflectionary, and it’d be great for lots more folks to see them. So what will you share? Perhaps your favourite script, or a Faith-and-Science activity, a quiet reflection, or a craft for Harvest or Advent?

The next book in the series in in preparation – keep your sprouts, sorry, eyes peeled for more info.

What people say about
A Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama

  • The scripts are funny, punny, expository and engaging – Amazon reviews
  • Parables as Jesus would have told them – witty, punchy and thought-provokingDavid M.
  • (About ‘Bold, Frankenstein and Mmmm-err’) Used this today as I led our Family Service it was great and very well received even got a laugh or two as I told this new interpretation of this well-known story. Thank you for a great inspiration Kerry D.
  • A Bucketful of Ideas – ideas to educate, entertain and evangeliseAmazon reviews
  • (About A Bad Friday) Thank you for this. I will be using it tomorrow at St Chad’s Elaine S.
  • Some quiet and meditative, some a-pun-a-minute – there’s a script for every occasion cover
  • (About Two Men Praying) Wow! I love it – keep up the amazing work Barbara B.

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